Hey Santa

Sister, Mom

Christmas Night, new clothes

Cousin Beth, playing the dulcimer

Husband, new Mac skin


Gordie, keeping watch outside


Christmas was fabulous! It was 72 degrees here in So Cal…ya, I know. We are having a nice recovery day, and I have been loving my new Kindle [Thanks Husband!!]

Merry Christmas!



I won’t go into too much detail, but Patrick and I had a horrific travel day to Oklahoma City that resulted in a missed flight, 6 hour delay, cancelled flight, and 3 hours of sleep….Yay…

Regardless, the day-and-a-half stay in Oklahoma was great, and I had a blast getting to discover the husband’s side of the family celebrations.

After opening presents and eating all day on Christmas Eve, we flew back to LA to regroup with my family for the night and Christmas.

Here are a few snaps of our travels-

Houston Airport, 12:30 AM

The greatest of news...

Just thrilled to be stuck in Houston

Now in Oklahoma…

An absolute heap of gifts

Ready for the 'Prince Hall' party

The group!

A merry Christmas Eve indeed.

Fun Glasses

While Patrick and I were perusing the mall & visiting my sister at work, we purchased a sweet pair of fake glasses.

They have since made the rounds on myself, husband, sisters, dad, and uncle. They honestly did look good on everybody. They are a neat combo of nerd-buddy holly-hipster-ray ban, and I think it suits all genders and ages.

Silly glasses, weirdo me


We just got back from a splendid night of cookie-making at our Aunt’s. She also makes home-made eggnog with a splash of So Co, and it is frothy fun for all. 😉

Check out some snaps—

Busted out this old Christmas necklace

Sister fashion shot

Festive Cocktail


Loads of biscotti


Patrick and I are heading to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning to celebrate Christmas with his family. It is supposed to snow on Friday and I am excited [I get to bring out my fancy coat!]


Until next time……

The gang’s all here

The family has been pretty busy the last two days; dinners, family videos, and visiting friends were some highlights.

We are nearly done with all our holiday shopping, and tomorrow we have a cookie-making extravaganza!

I have been having too much fun playing with instagram, so here are some shots!

Gordie, the family dog

Martinis and home videos


Doggie Love

New Hurrr

Visiting the sister at work

As of late

The past couple days have been pretty eventful! Saw Hugo [visually amazing!] with my dad yesterday, followed by the Brian Setzer Christmas concert at Universal City Walk.

Today, the fam went out to see the new Sherlock Holmes. [Awesome!]

Excited to pick up the husband tomorrow & complete my last minute Christmas shopping!

Here are some snaps-

Festive Nails

Tow' up

Erin & I

Bubba Gump Dinner

Universal City Walk

So Cal

Kylie, in the drivers' seat


Christmas Cheer

Last night’s feast was incredible. It included appetizers of buttered clams and artichokes, and a main course of rosemary garlic ribs, with green beens, arugula salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and bread!

Bored yet? Pissy because you’re hungry now?

Moving on, here are some snaps of the feast and surrounding cheer…

Effervescent Proseco with pomegranate

Older sister, Erin


Racks of ribs, ready for the oven

Festive quilt on my bed

A toast to family


Tonight, the fam [including me] will be attending a Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert in the Universal City walk.


Can’t wait for younger sister Kylie to arrive later tonight, and husband on Monday!



Yesterday I made a majah change to my hair at the salon!

I’m super-duper happy with the cut and color.

Want to know who I copied?

Ms. Elizabeth Olsen. I have been dying over her hair for about a month now, and finally had the chance to cut my mop and tone down my bright blonde for the winter season. Yee!

I will frequently be consulting this blog for ideas on styling the new ‘do.

On another note, tonight my family is hosting a family Christmas-themed dinner and I cannot wait!

Here is a preview of my outfit….it may change, however.


Happy Friday!!!


Well I made it to California! Hooray!

Here are some snaps of the day

ornament & stocking

Airport attire

Presents under our lil' tree

Making sure "big bertha" wasn't overweight



Tomorrow, I head to the hair salon for a major change…..can’t wait!

More on that later……

Thinking of you

“Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life….Even the wise cannot see all ends.” — Tolkien

4 Years ago, my grandpa [always known as PopPop] passed away.

At a vibrant 68, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and given mere months to enjoy his life on earth.

I miss him all the time, but I never feel he is far away. I know he is there every holiday, birthday, graduation, and wedding.

My biggest regret is that my Pop Pop and Patrick never got to meet. I know they would have simply adored each other. They both share this spirit of happiness and joy that is simply infectious. I know Pop Pop was beaming with happiness and pride when I walked down the aisle to marry Patrick.

I try to live my life with him in mind. He would want me to pursue whatever it is that made me happy. He was un-waiveringly loyal to his friends and family, and I try to emulate that characteristic.

Last of all, his sense of humor and whimsy were one of the most amazing things to have experienced as a granddaughter.

Love ya Pop Pop!


Snow is freaking exciting! Esp, having grown up in southern California.

It snowed [for reals snow] last weekend and I was so excited! I don’t know if I actually remember being in falling snow. It was magical.

Husband woke me up and I threw on my fake UGG boots [n00b mistake, I know] and my awesome alpaca hat. And then I made him take pictures of me awkwardly & spastically jumping around in the snow.

We then ran back inside to check the pics and change into more snow-appropriate attire. And I swiped on some raspberry lip junk.

Pat [husband] and I spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the fire. Him, studying his heart out, and me dickin’ around on pinterest.

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