Packing —> Going!

Husband is deep in the midst of finals week. [husband is a second-year law student.] While he studies non-stop, I trounce around our bedroom, blasting Christmas music.

I’m also leaving tomorrow to return to LA [cheers!] for Christmas.

I have known this for several years now, but it is becoming extremely apparent as I have been traveling more frequently-

I suck at packing.

Actually, I’m great at throwing all my sh*t in a giant suitcase [aka big bertha.] The problem is, I can’t seem to be able to condense and discriminate with my clothing and shoes.

My biggest problem is shoes. I am a shoe hoarder… I have upwards of 30 pairs of shoes, and some of them are older than I’d like to admit. It took me until this past summer to finally chuck some raggedy kicks I’d had since high school.

Anyway, I like to have a shoe for every occasion I may encounter on my travels. Rain, snow, sunshine, heels, boots, slippers, sandals, working out [ha!], fancy sandals, fancy shoes, etc. Just in case

Shoes make me happy. Having shoes weigh down my luggage is not happy.

Here’s hoping I only need big bertha, a big purse, and a second carry-on bag for this trip.

Defense- there are several Christmas presents coming with me. And they take up space. I promise.


Husband is coming later, and is bringing another whole bag packed  [with my crap] for a side trip we’re taking to Oklahoma. Because I can’t condense. And I’m pathetic.


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