Thinking of you

“Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life….Even the wise cannot see all ends.” — Tolkien

4 Years ago, my grandpa [always known as PopPop] passed away.

At a vibrant 68, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and given mere months to enjoy his life on earth.

I miss him all the time, but I never feel he is far away. I know he is there every holiday, birthday, graduation, and wedding.

My biggest regret is that my Pop Pop and Patrick never got to meet. I know they would have simply adored each other. They both share this spirit of happiness and joy that is simply infectious. I know Pop Pop was beaming with happiness and pride when I walked down the aisle to marry Patrick.

I try to live my life with him in mind. He would want me to pursue whatever it is that made me happy. He was un-waiveringly loyal to his friends and family, and I try to emulate that characteristic.

Last of all, his sense of humor and whimsy were one of the most amazing things to have experienced as a granddaughter.

Love ya Pop Pop!


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