The past couple of days have been full of activities over here in the Original Powers Abode.

We celebrated Christmas on Dec. 31; Patrick and I were absolutely spoiled by generous gift after gift.

Got the links taken out of my new watch!


So excited to face the nasty Lubbock weather in these

Red velvet bundt cake

Hehe, the closest I'll come to owning cowboy boots


Pat and I also got a new camera, and I can’t wait to get it and take some proper photos!

After gift giving, and Jesus Cake eating, we concluded the evening with…..

A 5K!

A group of us agreed to go out and kick off the new year by participating in a fun lil’ 5K in Fort Worth. I was pretty nervous about it because I’ve failed to work-out consistently, but it went surprisingly well! [I’m not even really sore today!]

Fun matching T-shirts for the run


Sisters-in-Law Liz, Mary, & Teresa


The group, pre-race

I chose to be anti-social and plug my iPod in and just trot it out. I actually had fun running, but the ex-athlete in me always comes out- and I couldn’t help but feel a little competitive when I was running next to the strangers, and run just a wee bit faster to pass them ;). 


In the lulls of activities, I have been glued to my Kindle; I’ve read four books already, and I hope to keep reading regularly. I’ll probably consult my sister for book suggestions.

Excited for the last days of Winter break before we get back into the swing of things. Happy 2012!





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