D-town & Doggies

Yesterday, I had a lovely day at the spa with my mother-in-law getting mani/pedis, and concluded it with Tex Mex and a Mavs game in Dallas. They played the Suns, and I was pretty excited to see Steve Nash in the flesh. The Mavs won, and we also got a glimpse of 2 Kardashian sisters. I know you’re just so jealous.

Michael & Samm

My Mavs Nerdunit


This evening, the husband, brother-in-law, and I went out for some BJs. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten a Pizookie either; it’s kind of like that Jim Gaffigan sketch- there really is no real reason to eat a Pizookie.

Also I had some bread pudding today at lunch at the Montgomery Antique Mall with the MIL                                                                 ….at least we shared it. I guess I needed to get that dessert guilt off my conscience.

Here’s some puppies

The Buckethead

Michael's dog, Abbie

We’ll be leaving Fort Worth this weekend, and I have a job interview on Monday! [finally!] It is just exciting to be getting my foot in the door!


2 thoughts on “D-town & Doggies

  1. Excited to hear how the interview goes, and what kind of lame crap they ask you.
    Didn’t know you were hip to the talents of 2-time MVP Steve Nash – impressed with your b-ball knowledge as well as your spousal Mavs support 🙂

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