The road back home

Today we attempted to pack up all of our belongings before we drive home tomorrow morning.

It really is amazing how much crap you can accumulate whilst on a vacation or seasonal break. It will be interesting to see how the husband is able to pack all of our stuff in the Element.

We did make a stop at the family storage units to see what we could clear out of Patrick’s. We ended up with nothing but a super nice leather and studded ottoman. Perhaps I’ll add a photo later when we’ve decided where to put it!

In other news, it was rather cold and dreary today, so I was ecstatic to break out my Hunter boots! Yahoo.

Also, I took some creepy photos in the backyard

spooky, no?


There were some funny doggies in the backyard also.


Action shot

We snuck in some grown-up stuff today too, like getting things notarized, assessing our goals and budget, and printing copies of my resume on fancy thick paper.


Our drive back home to Lubbock is around 5 hours. I will spend it preparing for my interview [aka, annoying Patrick] and perhaps starting a new book. It’s supposed to snow on Monday too. [you know what that means]






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