The waiting game

I had secondary interviews this morning; feeling decently confident…

& since we don’t have a lot to do around here until Pat starts school up again next week, we’ve been basking in the free time. Pat enjoys his video games, and I have been rearranging the apartment and taking advantage of awesome sales.

P.S. Go to Old Navy. And then shop their clearance section. And then scream with joy because clearance is another 30% off. boom.


Here’s a random mix-

1. This picture of Gordie makes me literally lol

2. Encroaching on hipster territory

3. How I display my nicer, dainty necklaces

4. New maxi, via Old Navy

5. Blue pillow to brighten up our very beige livingroom

5. Flowers from the hubby for my first interview


Oh by the way, it was 16 degrees this morning. That was special…


4 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. OK the real PB is now posting – Congrats on earning a second interview, and on feeling good about it! Sweet and cute new duds – so fancy! And props to Patrick on the flowers 🙂

  2. Pat doesn’t start until next week? So lucky. Also, I’ve been meaning to make a necklace hanger like that. Perhaps when I have a life again in about 5 months.

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