Golden Globes Breakdown

This may get long….

Okay so I don’t really actually watch the Golden Globes, but I do enjoy the red carpet to see the good/bad/sad.

These are my opinions on some looks. Oh and I do not own any of these photos 🙂

Best Dressed-


I am a huge fan of Shailene Woodley in this Marchesa gown. At first I was concerned that the dress was hitting her a bit low in the chest, but upon further investigation, it’s clear there is that “invisible” nylon part of the dress that keeps it in place. The color is gorgeous as well. Love!

Werkin It-

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. This muted lilac with a hint of pink number looks amazing on her. This is proof that if ya got large sweater puppies, you can dress them appropriately. Also, she’s clearly not a size 2, but she really shows off her body without looking frump frump.


Michelle Williams in Jason Wu. When I watched her strutting around on the red carpet, I really didn’t like this look. I think it photographs much nicer actually, and I’m kind of diggin’ the velvet.

Best Hair/Makeup

Viola Davis- she is fierce in this pixie, I frickin love it on her. The dress is nice, I’m not wowed by it. But I can’t take my eyes off of her makeup and hair. Also, have you seen The Help??

Best Accessory

Charlize Theron and her sparkle headband. I love sparkle. I love sparkle headbands. Done.

And now the bad, bad, bad

Worst Hair-

Jessica Chastain. Um, I don’t understand. Also, the earrings are just way way too much with the dress. Yikes.

Nightmare of the Night-

Julie Bowen in Reem Acra. This is just absolutely heinous. On so many levels. I absolutely love Reem Acra, and this dress actually, but who on EARTH decided this would be an appropriate dress on her. Also her hair is reminding me of Elizabeth Banks. It’s like a 45 year-old woman is trying to dress up as 12 girl. It gives me the willys/creepos. And it is such a crime, because I do love this dress.

&& Here’s a picture of Tina Fey, because she’s better than Jesus. 😉



Phew, got it out of my system. What were your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Golden Globes Breakdown

  1. Loved Helen Mirren, she is the hottest women at The Golden Globes! Did you notice all the red lipstick?
    George Clooney, Matt LeBlanc and Sidney Poiteir yowza yowza looking awesome!

  2. I’ve been seeing people give Angelina props, but I thought she looked terrible… could have been because she looked like a skeleton? I thought Jessica Alba looked really pretty. Love that Charlize Theron headband… not sure what was going on with the left side of her dress.

    • yes, I thought Angelina herself looked pretty as always, but I just didn’t get her dress. And Jessica Alba was like the prettiest person of all time.

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