Cooking and Car Shopping

Pat and I are currently sharing one vehicle, and it is getting to be that time when one car isn’t quite cutting it. I’ve been thinking about  what kind of “crossover” would be best for me, and for us, the future, etc. So far, the top of the list is the Nissan Rogue. I’ve test driven it twice, and we got a surprisingly great quote on it yesterday at the dealership.

We’ll be taking this next month to figure out our best options for financing and other super ‘fun’ things.

In the meantime, I’ve been pretty good about cooking dinner every night. [husband has been super into making our lunches recently too!]

Here’s some foods-

green peppers, onions, chili flakes & garlic

Nutella crepes for brunch

Asian marinated sirloin over rice & peppers

&& now for my biggest achievement…..


                                                                                                                                                      [yes, we know meatloaf isn’t the most appetizing thing to look at.]

This was my first attempt at one of Pat’s favorites. It was soooo good! I basically used this recipe with minor tweaks.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about cooking, it’s that marinades make such a difference! There are so many marinades out there, and can transform your meat in amazing ways.




5 thoughts on “Cooking and Car Shopping

    • tweaks- I used half an onion and added some shallots also. fresh minced garlic, not the powder. lawrys seasoned salt instead of regular salt. used italian panko bread crumbs instead of the bread. I used spicy mustard and left out the brown sugar for the glaze. The nice thing is you can tweak it to your tastes or what you have on hand! don’t forget the ketchup- it’s great on top. do you guys have ketchup over there?

  1. So impressed with your menu selections! Asian beef and the meatloaf sound delish! And props to Patrick on the lunch making – atta boy! BTW – how ’bout ‘dem Mavs 🙂

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