7 Things

Here are some random things making appearances around hurr.

1. Do we have to take down the winter decorations? ….it is still January.


2. Hot pink Hunter boots for $40.00. Yes please. 


3. Fun glasses & wild hair


4. Pat’s new desk & study area. Why yes, that is Mel peeking from behind.


5. Nightly favorite- chai latte K-cup & old Friends episodes


6. Reading on this babay. Just finished Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)


7. New storage for makeup brushes & a fun old-timey perfume bottle


On another note–

After about a year of mulling it over, we have decided to pursue adding another member to our family…  a new puppy! Much research has been done the past few weeks, and we’re starting to make headway. Hopefully we’ll get our lil’ guy soon!




6 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. Ahhh can’t wait to see/meet the new puppy. Also I am diggin on the chai latte k-cups as well as friends and reading on my kindie. Love those hunter boots, and dangggg, 40 bucks is a steal! Teach me your sale shopping ways

  2. Dig seeing what’s up with your life in Lubbock! Sweet hair & glasses look! Keep the dang winter decor up, I say! Excited about the impending puppy. Just read some Roald Dahl this week – “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and other short stories”. So fun and easy to read and enjoy for grownups. He has a cool way of writing that I think you will welcome – check it out 🙂

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