Saturday Pancakes

Why is having breakfast for dinner is still so exciting, fun, and a little bit rebellious? Instead of the traditional buttermilk and maple syrup combo, I made these lemon ricotta and lemon curd pancakes. Using this recipe. Even if you are not a huge fan of lemon, these are to die for. And I’m pretty sure home-made lemon curd is my favorite dessert condiment of the moment.


Pat and I are now in a heavenly sugar-coma.

Side-note: We are thinking about starting to grow some veggies at home. I’ve been inspired by my mom’s vegetable garden success. More on that later…



I have been thoroughly enjoying our little nook, and so have the dogs. 



Although I did find this little turd nugget starting to tear out the threads.





You’re not afraid of fire, are you, Katniss?

In honor of the Hunger Games coming out this Friday, and my love of nail polish, I picked up a mini China Glaze collection inspired by the Hunger Games.


Yes, part of this purchase was facilitated by evil marketing, but I do like the colors. They are cool and unique to my collection.




Fun stuff, eh?

I am super excited for the movie, although I am prepared to not let its shortcomings from the book ruin the experience. 

I also am considering building something like this to display/organize my polishes:



3-day Weekend

This weekend was pretty exciting. Pat’s family came in to celebrate our brother-in-law’s residency match. Basically the whole country has the students who matched all open their envelopes at the same time to see where they will do their residency. The suspense and big reveal was awesome!





Taylor was matched at Stanford for the Pediatrics program. Super exciting! I think Mary and Taylor are going to really love the Palo Alto area.  We celebrated with several amazing dinners and some fro yo, of course. 


And here’s the threads from my 4-day work week (yay!)



The pups also had a vet appointment.Image

Even though Oliver got 2 shots, he was the braver of the two. 

Happy Birthday, dear Patrick

It was Mr. Pat’s 26th birthday on Friday. It’s always nice when your birthday falls on Friday, and it was the Friday starting off his Spring Break at that! Also, I am the worst, and forgot to take pictures of any birthday-related things.

I did make him a chocolate cake. It was good.

This was better:



These are some clothings I’ve donned-

You may have noticed a similar pair of “sailor pants” that I’ve worn. Well, they are my new favorite fun pants. I snagged them at Old Navy for $10 a pair. One is white with black piping, the other navy with white.

Old Navy Lubbock, how I adore your sale rack that doesn’t resemble the pricing on the website, ever.

In other news, Oliver Bean had his first real hair cut, and now he looks ridiculously funny. They left his head in a “teddy bear” cut, and shaved him down everywhere else. Now his head appears to be 3x bigger than his body. Also, PetSmart gave us a half-off  our grooming bill because Mr. Bean was the “dog of the day.”

That was my only attempt of getting him to stay still for a picture. He’s a nut-job alright. Just perfect for our other nugget, Bucket Head.


This weekend, I decided I had “had it” with the random desk we stuck in the corner of our living room. It served little purpose but to hold some paperwork and display pictures.

We spent Sunday moving out the desk and finding the perfect little pieces to replace the large empty space.

It’s now a cozy little seating area, and still displays our special photos, books, and other doo-dads.



I’ve really been enjoying my new job. Working 8-5 isn’t nearly as bad of an adjustment as I had anticipated, which is even better. And I haven’t even gotten lost since my first interview there, yahoo! And yes, it is very easy to get lost in a gigantor medical building.

It loos like this-

And this wing looks all pretty at night with the DNA deco.

Here’s my “first day of work” pic; I don’t know how Pat managed a smile at 7 AM.

& here are some other rando work-clothing shots.

It’s been kinda fun playing dress-up.










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