I’ve really been enjoying my new job. Working 8-5 isn’t nearly as bad of an adjustment as I had anticipated, which is even better. And I haven’t even gotten lost since my first interview there, yahoo! And yes, it is very easy to get lost in a gigantor medical building.

It loos like this-

And this wing looks all pretty at night with the DNA deco.

Here’s my “first day of work” pic; I don’t know how Pat managed a smile at 7 AM.

& here are some other rando work-clothing shots.

It’s been kinda fun playing dress-up.











5 thoughts on “Bazinga

  1. The two outfits on the far left of the montage are my favorites, although the entire “spring collection” for the professional workplace gets strong marks! So stoked that you are enjoying your new work week life and feeling settled and positive! Dig the nighttime “genetic code” look of the blue and red. Way to navigate the labyrinth of a medical center, and closing with Oliver will always be a winner 🙂

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