Our weekend has been nice and relaxing. We had a movie night on Friday, and watched 50/50 while chomping on Good & Plenty, Sugar Babes, and Swedish Fish. Also, we got Patrick a button-up from GAP. It’s exciting when clothes fit him. The Levi’s jean search was not so succesful. Perhaps we’ll give it another go when in Dallas next weekend.

Oliver is growing up so fast! He’s like, doubled his size from when we first picked him up.

Sephora by OPI ‘Indi-go With the Flow’ over Essie ‘Lapiz of Luxury’                                                                                                                     Patrick told a story using all the silly nail polish names while we were in Sephora today

New things, with my favorite prints; chevron and stripes!

New way to store my jewelry. Makes it feel fancy picking it out every morning.

Our vegetable garden! From left to right: romaine lettuce, jalapeno peppers, & parsley!                                                                                     Oliver’s favorite thing is to eat all of the parsley when I turn my back. Little stinker.

Happy Easter Weekend!


3 thoughts on “April.

  1. At least Oliver’s breath will always be fresh 🙂 Better than our 2 sneak thieves that stole and ate Cheetos and bakery-fresh cookies when we had our backs turned on our trip!

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