Our weekend has been nice and relaxing. We had a movie night on Friday, and watched 50/50 while chomping on Good & Plenty, Sugar Babes, and Swedish Fish. Also, we got Patrick a button-up from GAP. It’s exciting when clothes fit him. The Levi’s jean search was not so succesful. Perhaps we’ll give it another go when in Dallas next weekend.

Oliver is growing up so fast! He’s like, doubled his size from when we first picked him up.

Sephora by OPI ‘Indi-go With the Flow’ over Essie ‘Lapiz of Luxury’                                                                                                                     Patrick told a story using all the silly nail polish names while we were in Sephora today

New things, with my favorite prints; chevron and stripes!

New way to store my jewelry. Makes it feel fancy picking it out every morning.

Our vegetable garden! From left to right: romaine lettuce, jalapeno peppers, & parsley!                                                                                     Oliver’s favorite thing is to eat all of the parsley when I turn my back. Little stinker.

Happy Easter Weekend!


D-town & Doggies

Yesterday, I had a lovely day at the spa with my mother-in-law getting mani/pedis, and concluded it with Tex Mex and a Mavs game in Dallas. They played the Suns, and I was pretty excited to see Steve Nash in the flesh. The Mavs won, and we also got a glimpse of 2 Kardashian sisters. I know you’re just so jealous.

Michael & Samm

My Mavs Nerdunit


This evening, the husband, brother-in-law, and I went out for some BJs. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten a Pizookie either; it’s kind of like that Jim Gaffigan sketch- there really is no real reason to eat a Pizookie.

Also I had some bread pudding today at lunch at the Montgomery Antique Mall with the MIL                                                                 ….at least we shared it. I guess I needed to get that dessert guilt off my conscience.

Here’s some puppies

The Buckethead

Michael's dog, Abbie

We’ll be leaving Fort Worth this weekend, and I have a job interview on Monday! [finally!] It is just exciting to be getting my foot in the door!

Hey Santa

Sister, Mom

Christmas Night, new clothes

Cousin Beth, playing the dulcimer

Husband, new Mac skin


Gordie, keeping watch outside


Christmas was fabulous! It was 72 degrees here in So Cal…ya, I know. We are having a nice recovery day, and I have been loving my new Kindle [Thanks Husband!!]

Merry Christmas!


I won’t go into too much detail, but Patrick and I had a horrific travel day to Oklahoma City that resulted in a missed flight, 6 hour delay, cancelled flight, and 3 hours of sleep….Yay…

Regardless, the day-and-a-half stay in Oklahoma was great, and I had a blast getting to discover the husband’s side of the family celebrations.

After opening presents and eating all day on Christmas Eve, we flew back to LA to regroup with my family for the night and Christmas.

Here are a few snaps of our travels-

Houston Airport, 12:30 AM

The greatest of news...

Just thrilled to be stuck in Houston

Now in Oklahoma…

An absolute heap of gifts

Ready for the 'Prince Hall' party

The group!

A merry Christmas Eve indeed.

As of late

The past couple days have been pretty eventful! Saw Hugo [visually amazing!] with my dad yesterday, followed by the Brian Setzer Christmas concert at Universal City Walk.

Today, the fam went out to see the new Sherlock Holmes. [Awesome!]

Excited to pick up the husband tomorrow & complete my last minute Christmas shopping!

Here are some snaps-

Festive Nails

Tow' up

Erin & I

Bubba Gump Dinner

Universal City Walk

So Cal

Kylie, in the drivers' seat


Christmas Cheer

Last night’s feast was incredible. It included appetizers of buttered clams and artichokes, and a main course of rosemary garlic ribs, with green beens, arugula salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and bread!

Bored yet? Pissy because you’re hungry now?

Moving on, here are some snaps of the feast and surrounding cheer…

Effervescent Proseco with pomegranate

Older sister, Erin


Racks of ribs, ready for the oven

Festive quilt on my bed

A toast to family


Tonight, the fam [including me] will be attending a Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert in the Universal City walk.


Can’t wait for younger sister Kylie to arrive later tonight, and husband on Monday!



Well I made it to California! Hooray!

Here are some snaps of the day

ornament & stocking

Airport attire

Presents under our lil' tree

Making sure "big bertha" wasn't overweight



Tomorrow, I head to the hair salon for a major change…..can’t wait!

More on that later……

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