Outfit Heavy — Fresh Start


And in honor of Springtime and Easter happenings-Image


Tonight will be spent going through all closets and drawers, picking out stuff to donate to Goodwill and alike places. It feels good to have a fresh start, and finally let go of that ratty shirt I haven’t been able to part with. Okay, maybe like 20 ratty shirts. And some stinky shoes. Shhh don’t tell.


Happy Birthday, dear Patrick

It was Mr. Pat’s 26th birthday on Friday. It’s always nice when your birthday falls on Friday, and it was the Friday starting off his Spring Break at that! Also, I am the worst, and forgot to take pictures of any birthday-related things.

I did make him a chocolate cake. It was good.

This was better:



These are some clothings I’ve donned-

You may have noticed a similar pair of “sailor pants” that I’ve worn. Well, they are my new favorite fun pants. I snagged them at Old Navy for $10 a pair. One is white with black piping, the other navy with white.

Old Navy Lubbock, how I adore your sale rack that doesn’t resemble the pricing on the website, ever.

In other news, Oliver Bean had his first real hair cut, and now he looks ridiculously funny. They left his head in a “teddy bear” cut, and shaved him down everywhere else. Now his head appears to be 3x bigger than his body. Also, PetSmart gave us a half-off  our grooming bill because Mr. Bean was the “dog of the day.”

That was my only attempt of getting him to stay still for a picture. He’s a nut-job alright. Just perfect for our other nugget, Bucket Head.

February Snow!

As I mentioned yesterday, Lubbock had a lil snow day! We were not super excited to trudge through the snow to find our car at the airport; all I can say is thank God I brought a big jacket on the trip just in case!

Naturally, when we got home, we changed into snow appropriate attire and frolicked a bit before driving out to Five Guys for lunch.


Texas Tech cancelled classes today due to the snow, so Pat and I will probably spend it doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Fun stuff.

And in other news, I’ve  been offered a job through the Texas Tech medical school. Yay! I tentatively start this Thursday. It’s been difficult these last few months, feeling like nothing would ever pan out- but 17 job applications later, and I’ve found success. I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Silly Weather

Today we had a mini snow flurry which made me very giddy!

Bucket was curled up in his new spot by the window

Snow/wetness/slush means that I get to wear these


We got a lot done today. After my interview, I did some major apartment cleaning and organizing while Patrick played basketball. Then it started snowing. Then it stopped. So we went to the bank, the pharmacy, and the grocery store.

I made dinner with peppercorn crusted pork tenderloin and some mushroom sauce.

My speciality- shallots, garlic, mushrooms, butter & red wine


We’re hoping for some snow overnight so it will stick by tomorrow. Happy Monday!

Hey Santa

Sister, Mom

Christmas Night, new clothes

Cousin Beth, playing the dulcimer

Husband, new Mac skin


Gordie, keeping watch outside


Christmas was fabulous! It was 72 degrees here in So Cal…ya, I know. We are having a nice recovery day, and I have been loving my new Kindle [Thanks Husband!!]

Merry Christmas!

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