I’ve really been enjoying my new job. Working 8-5 isn’t nearly as bad of an adjustment as I had anticipated, which is even better. And I haven’t even gotten lost since my first interview there, yahoo! And yes, it is very easy to get lost in a gigantor medical building.

It loos like this-

And this wing looks all pretty at night with the DNA deco.

Here’s my “first day of work” pic; I don’t know how Pat managed a smile at 7 AM.

& here are some other rando work-clothing shots.

It’s been kinda fun playing dress-up.











Mr. Bean

On Saturday, we drove through the dreariness/wetness/deppresingness and picked up our lil guy!

He looks like this-

Oliver Bean!


Tomorrow is my last day of new employee orientation. Thank goodness. It’s a whole junk load of information to take in. But I get to wear a fun ID badge at all times. It’s pretty big time.

Also, Mary and Taylor brought over some tasty mexican food for dinner. It’s from a place called Fuzzy’s Tacos. Isn’t that just a horrific name? Who does that??  It was good though.


Naan of yo’ business

Okay, the title of this post is really dumb.

But this easy dinner is not dumb. In fact, it’s rather tasty. It’s just some homemade naan, greek yogurt dip, & asparagus rice.

Now, let’s take a journey from dough to naan…

Nom. I used this recipe. Check out <—– that blog. Good stuff right there.

Greek yogurt dip-

To taste- Plain greek yogurt, paprika, parsley, salt, minced garlic, pepper


Romantical (not really)

I’ve been looking for the right place to display these quote boards that my sister Erin made us for our wedding. On them, she painted a quote from Mark Twain that was also read during our ceremony.

Right now they’ve found a home sitting in our living room atop the desk.

Oh, and Valentines Day happened. Pat and I picked out these flowers in the spirit of pink & red.

Aside from making dinner, bahama bucks, and a stomach ache, Valentines Day was rather typical. We decided to keep it pretty low-key, because our real valentiny is coming on Saturday! I can’t wait to see him again!

I start my first day of work tomorrow, so that shall be exciting and eventful. Time to steam some clothes!

February Snow!

As I mentioned yesterday, Lubbock had a lil snow day! We were not super excited to trudge through the snow to find our car at the airport; all I can say is thank God I brought a big jacket on the trip just in case!

Naturally, when we got home, we changed into snow appropriate attire and frolicked a bit before driving out to Five Guys for lunch.


Texas Tech cancelled classes today due to the snow, so Pat and I will probably spend it doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Fun stuff.

And in other news, I’ve  been offered a job through the Texas Tech medical school. Yay! I tentatively start this Thursday. It’s been difficult these last few months, feeling like nothing would ever pan out- but 17 job applications later, and I’ve found success. I am very thankful for this opportunity.


We just arrived today from a weekend in Scottsdale. We enjoyed staying at a wonderful resort and celebrating Matt & Gigi’s wedding. It was a lovely 79 degrees all weekend long, and we got some quality time at the pool as well. We ate really well, and took advantage of the great shopping areas all along Scottsdale road.

Our cute room-

Heading out to the wedding-

The wedding was held at this pretty church-

The handsome Mr. Patrick-

Giant cactus country-

The grounds of the resort-

Grandpa Leo and Pat-


We got an unpleasant surprise when we arrived back in Lubbock today. It was 18 degrees and snowing! Quite a change from Arizona.

Don’t worry, pictures of our winter wonderland are soon to come!

Do you some crafts.

I made this wedding-dance-shadowbox- thinger a while ago, but I’m sharing it now in case anyone wants a cheap and easy craft idea.

You need: scissors, a shadowbox or larger picture frame, photos, tape, and fancy paper or cardstock. Pick out some lyrics, poetry, or literature that is meaningful to you and print it in a font you like. (I used the lyrics to our first dance, as the photos represent.)

Consider bold-facing a poignant line or message.

Paste it all together!


Also, an empty Prego jar makes for a fun addition to the mantel, perfect for springy flowers!

For my husband.

This post is in honor of Mr. Patrick. It combines 2 of his favorite things. Basketball & sweets.

I was having an awkward “team mom” moment last Thursday, snapping photos during Patriki’s intramural game, but I’m sure I’ll be happy I did this one day…

[p.s. He’s number 3!]

& now onto sweets.

I made a coffee cake yesterday.

nom nom.


Goodbye holiday decor, hello spring-y mantel

coffee-tea-hot cocoa station (necessary)

A gorgeous Michael Aram silver tray that rests on our kitchen ledge

Handy chalkboard tacked-up on the pantry door


And now for the good stuff— A SNEAK peek of our newest member!

Fuzzy Butt!

We won’t be getting him until after Valentine’s Day, and he will be 12 weeks old! Also, sorry for the crap-tastic iphone pic; scampering puppies don’t like to sit still!


We spent the last weekend in the Fort Worth area visiting breeders and found the perfect little nugget! Aside from that, we are contemplating spending Pat’s final law school semester in Dallas, which would be a dream of Pat’s [to live in Dallas close to the American Airlines center.MAVS.] Meanwhile, I’m still interviewing and gaining experience therein. February is looking to be an exciting month!



Dinner for 2

I tried out a new recipe and it was a major hit with husband and myself. It’s called porcupines, which is basically meatballs with rice cooked inside. I made them with my version of caramelized onions. The recipe is nice because it’s a “base” recipe, so you can add and take out seasonings and other things to cater to your liking.

I used-

About 1lb of ground beef

A sprinkling or 2 of bread crumbs

1/4 cup uncooked rice

Fresh chopped parsley

Finely chopped onion

3 garlic cloves, chopped or minced

1 egg

Salt & pepper to taste

Sauce- Tomato (pasta) sauce & Worcestershire sauce

Basically you just mush all that good stuff together, adding and seasoning to your liking. Grease a baking dish and preheat the oven to 350. Roll the mush into nice meatballs. Add a bit of worscheshire sauce to the tomato sauce and pour it into the dish. Add the meatballs and coat them in the sauce. Cover, and bake for 45 minutes. Uncover, and finish baking for another 15.

Meanwhile, put yo’ onions in the skillet with olive oil, tiny bit of butter, and a pinch of salt. Sautee the onions until browned and crispy.


Looking crispy!

Ok, so we've established my meals aren't going to be aesthetically pleasing. Sorry bout it.

Easy peasy. Boom.

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